The essence of quality, freshness and taste are found in the raw ingredients and the manner in which they are used. We pair great ingredients with slow fermentation, which requires 16 to 68 hours for each loaf.

We take the same care for our CAKES and COOKIES, We believe in making the most of each flavor in our baked goods and go to great lengths to make sure that each ingredient has a personality all its own. That means a bit of extra time and effort, but we know no other way.


Food is the strongest point of this boutique B&B. Not only do the guests, who keep coming back, agree, but so does SLOWFOOD, the most important Country Guesthouse and food organization of the world.

Residenza Farnese was included in their 2013 “Locande d’Italia” guide to the best Guesthouses in Italy and in the guide “Oli d’Italia” made by GAMBERO ROSSO.


Our menus are seasonally-based, meaning we do our best to choose from what is available during the growing season. We rely heavily on fresh produce in the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall, but in the Winter time we turn to age-old preservation techniques such as canning and the use of a root cellar so that we may continue to serve Tuscia’s delicious produce year-round.


Surprise your partner with a romantic in room breakfast. A small extra charge can’t be compared to a smile.


We make picnics that have been called “amazing”, “awesome”, “faultless”, “romantic”, “perfect”, and “the best”.

We try not to let it go to our head.

After years of experience and feedback from our guests we decided to offer this useful service. This because Tuscany during the high season can be sometimes expensive if you don’t know the right place to go. Order a Picnic now and you will have a better quality for a cheaper price than a touristic restaurant. Let us know when you make your reservation or as soon as you arrive and we will prepare it for you.


After a long day, the best way to relax is a bottle of prosecco and a traditional Italian “tagliere”, a mix of cheese and charcuteries from our local farmers. All the cheese we serve comes from il “Radichino” dairy, a family run farm 4 km from the town. Are you vegan? We thought about you too. Do you have food allergies? Let us know and we will prepare something specific for you. Do you want to bring home a gift for your family and friends? We sell all the products that you will enjoy during your stay.


Francesca shares her culinary art with those who would like to learn how to cook and aspire to maximum taste and maximum simplicity. Discover the Residenza Farnese Italian cooking courses: one, two or five days spent kneading, cooking and eating surrounded by nature, whether you stay over at the guest house or not, with a choice of four different programs depending on the time of the year. Because cuisine, when it’s natural, it follows the seasons.